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Welcome to NAG

The net.art generator automatically produces net.art on demand.

This version of the net.art generator creates images. The resulting image emerges as a collage of a number of images which have been collected on the WWW in relation to the 'title' you have chosen. The original material is processed in 12-14 randomly chosen and combined steps.

The net.art generator was programmed by Panos Galanis from IAP GmbH, Hamburg, and was a commission by the Volksfürsorge art collection.

If you are facing serious problems and the generator does not work at all, please contact IAP <info@iap.de> or Cornelia <cornelia@artwarez.org>

Have fun and become a net.artist!

Pleae visit net.art-generator.com for more informations regarding net.art.generators.


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